Link Archive

The Ed Spencer Link Archive is a collection of interesting content that I come across online, as well as a short comment about it.  It’s almost a home for mini blogging – so for comments that are too long to be posted to Twitter, but too brief to warrant a full blog post.

I created the Ed Spencer Link Archive with the idea of having all interesting links categorised and fully searchable, in a single central place, rather than being scattered over twitter here an there (which really isn’t very search friendly without using the API).

So here it is:


The links archive was built using the following tech:

  • NodeJs as the main server technology, along with the following packages:
    • Express
    • csurf for some form posting security
    • The Pug (formerly Jade) view engine, which is outstanding
    • MassiveJs, which is an awesome data access tool that isn’t a big fat ORM
  • PostgresSQL as the database
  • Docker compose for development ease
  • Docker in production to run the web app and the database (yes, the production database runs in a docker container)
  • pg-migrator built into the database container for database migrations
  • Twitter bootstrap for presentation
  • LESS for some styling