This is the website for Ed Spencer BEng (Hons).

I am a web focused contract software developer based in The Midlands. I started out working with Microsoft technologies (Classic ASP, then SQL Server, then lots of awesome C# and .net). My work has now taken me into the OSS stack, and I'm now split between coding JavaScript using NodeJS and some C# on the server, as well as various front end technologies.


I am happy to call myself a fullstack developer. I am comfortable doing database development, server side development, and frontend development. I'm also happy with what we would now refer to as DevOps work - automating builds and deployments, for example. Doing different things each day is fun.

Being as focused on performance as I am, having the skills to interpret and update any part of a system is key to identifying possible performance gains, which should ultimately translate to happier users.

This website

This is my personal website and contains information on the work I am currently doing, as well as any technical findings along the way. It is my attempt at giving something back to the community that has helped me through my continuing years of software development.

I have been developing software and tinkering with hardware and servers since I was about 14. I studied Software Engineering at the University of Wales, Aberystwth, where I gained a Bachelor of Engineering Honours degree from the fantastic Department of Computer Science.


To discuss possible work, please email me at:

blog (at) edspencer.me.uk

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