Warning: Your data is not safe with Eukhost

In this previous post I outlined why if you were considering shared hosting, you should avoid Eukhost.

I am writing this post as an urgent warning to anyone currently hosting with Eukhost, or considering hosting with Eukhost. Your data is at risk of being compromised.

Because of a mistake made by Eukhost’s support staff, I am now in possession of 6 databases that I do not own. All of these databases contain sensitive information, including email addresses, residential addresses, and unencrypted passwords. Here’s a screenshot:

I came into possession of these databases as I was terminating my hosting with Eukhost. As part of this process, I asked Eukhost to back up and email me my databases. They responded with a link to a zip file that was supposed to contain my databases. This is where their support staff messed up – they backed up the wrong user’s databases.

Obviously this is a huge violation of data protection practices – but it also puts the owner of the other databases in a horrible positon. All of their user data has been compromised through no fault of their own.

My advice if you are considering Eukhost: Avoid them.

My advice if you are currently hosting with Eukhost: Close your account now and order them to delete your data.

One thought on “Warning: Your data is not safe with Eukhost

  1. Just taken out hosting with them, this really doesn’t look promising, hopefully a one-off. Although, who in their right mind stores an unencrypted password in a database?

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